Spare parts from grey and steel castings

We manufacture cast components for valves, turbines, compressors, pumps, mining-, agricultural- and woodworker machines and for lots of other machines.

We prepare moldings based on drawings.

We produce the following middle- and high complexity substances:

  • Graphite disk grey casting: EN-GJL-100-400, SR-EN-1561 (e.g. Fc 150)
  • Unalloyed nodular grey casting: EN-GJS-400-15 … 600-3 (e.g. FGN 400)
  • Mild alloyed nodular casting: Cu, Ni, Cr, Mo
  • High alloyed casting: Ni (Ni resist) (e.g. Fca NiCr 20.2)
  • Heat-resistant alloy cast iron: Cr, Si (e.g. FrCr 2,5; FrSi5)
  • Wear-resistant alloy casting: Cr, Ni, Ti, Cu, Al (e.g. Fc A1 … Fc A4)
  • Carbon steel: 200-400 SR-ISO 3755 (e.g. OT 400-600)
  • Heat-resistant stainless steel: C>=0,4-0,5
  • Austenitic manganese steel: T105Mn120