The WHN (Q) 13 CNC machine

The WHN(Q) 13 CNC appliance is a versatilely utilized machining center, which is widely used for accurate and high-performance machining of work pieces. A well-developed electrical design shortens the unproductive time and together with a robust set-up it contributes to the outstanding precision of the machining. The machine is equipped with new generation tools, which provide a new quality in terms of productivity and accuracy as well.

The WHN (Q) 13 CNC machine’s further benefit is the low power consumption, the quick and easy handling; it requires minimal investment in maintenance, it is long-life, especially the drive surfaces, ball screws, the spindle and their bearings. If instructions are complied with during the use of the machine, it is very environmentally friendly

The machine is equipped with an HF-50-type milling machine, which complements the horizontal, WHN (Q) 13 CNC-type boring machines’ working opportunities. With the help of the milling machine the machining of the hard-to-reach-places is also possible without having to overturn of the work piece, just like in case of the vertical and inclines surfaces.

The WHN (Q) 13 CNC universal machining center is capable of performing the following machining types: drilling based on exact coordinates, face milling, milling and threading of different various types of surfaces.

Table cross adjustment (X) 2000 mm
Table height adjustment (Y) 2000 mm
Stand longitudinal adjustment (Z) 1600 mm
Spindle sliding (W) 800 mm
Mounting surface of the table 1800 x 1800 mm
Control system Heidenhain iTNC 530

CNC Machining Center

The largest machinable piece: 1270x610x760 mm. Parametric programming based on a three-dimensional model or a two-dimensional drawing.

Engraver Machine

The largest machinable piece: X 1200mm, Z 500 mm, B 90°, C 360°. Engraving based on 2D drawings on plane or three-dimensional surfaces with specially honed rotating blades.

Three-dimensional Measuring Machine (CMM)

The largest measurable piece: 1525x715x610 mm. Measurement of simple and complex pieces, as well as measurement based on three-dimensional models.

CNC Carousel

The maximum machinable diameter: Fi 2200 mm. Turning, drilling, milling.

CNC Headbench

The maximum machinable diameter: Fi 2200 mm


Strung vertical proiectat pentru prelucrarea pieselor de rotaţie de diferite greutăţi şi dimensiuni prin operaţiuni de strunjire, frezare, găurire, înfiletare, în funcţie de echipamentul opţional al maşnii. Caracteristica tehnică si soluţiile de proiectare împreună cu rigiditatea mare a părţilor structurale se conformează celor mai pretenţioase cerinţe în termeni de productivitate şi precizie.

Date tehnice:


VL 22
Diametrul axului principal mm 2000
Diametrul maxim de prelucrare mm 2200
Inaltimea maxima de prelucrare mm 1850
Greutatea maxima de prelucrare kg 20000
Turatia mesei (continua) rpm 1.43-250
Motorul mesei kW 60
Sectiunea transversal a culisei mm 250×250
Turatia axului (2 trepte) rpm 10-2000
Motorul axului kW 28
Deplasarea axei Y mm 1400
Deplasarea axei Z mm 1500
Viteza de avans X, Z mm/min 5-12000
Y mm/min 400/10
Avans rapid X, Z mm/min 12000