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MATRITA Ltd. was founded in 1975 to be one of the Romanian companies executing repairing and maintaining services for chemical factories and new investments on country level. Further on, our company produces tire vulcanization dies and mechanical rubber and plastic goods.

Consequently, the company experts own a wide experience in the field of iron, steel and non-ferrous casting, machining, plastic deforming through forging, etc. Our company cooperates with business partners from Germany, France, the U.S., Austria, Italy, Nederland, Russia and Hungary.

Since the 11th of November 1999 the company is operating with private enquity.

In 2001 we have received the ISO-9001 qualification.


  • Iron casting
  • Centrifugal cast tubes
  • Non-ferrous casting (Al, Bz):
  • Steel forging
  • Welded metal constructions
  • Machining
  • Garden furniture

We produce parts, ensemble and installation according to the clients’ and own projects. At present we have over 100 clients from the Romanian and the overseas market.

Our Products

We manufacture products with a wide range of usage in many industries: machining, metalwork. turbines, CNC machining and garden furniture production.

Our Services

Heat Treatment

  • Conventional heat treatment

  • Chemical heat treatment

    • cementation in solid medium
    • Vacuum ionitridation

Dimensiuni disponibile: gabarit: F 1000 x 1600 mm


  • Free forging up to 350 Kg

  • Stamping parts up to 15 Kg

  • Spare parts machining


  • Length

    • caliper
    • micrometer
    • comparator
    • bore gauge instrument
    • bore micrometer
    • protractor
    • angle ruler
    • measuring tape
  • Pressure

    • manometer
    • gas manometer
    • tyre manometer
    • elektronic contact manometer
    • transducer
    • presostat
    • safety valve
  • Temperature

    • thermometer
    • thermometer instruments
    • resistance thermometer
    • thermocouple
    • regulator (controller)
  • Elektricity

    • ammeter
    • voltmeter
    • megaohmmeter
    • apparatus for measuring earthing
    • ohmmeter
    • MAVO 35
    • MAVO 1
    • digital display instrument
  • Mass

    • balance
    • weight

Laboratory service

  • Analysing

    Cemical analysis of steels, cast iron and non-ferrous metal alloys

  • Non-destructive control

    • ultrasonic inspection
    • magnetic particle inspection
    • pervasive fluid control
  • Determination of properties

    Determination of technical and mechanical properties of steels, cast iron and non-ferrous metal alloys.


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